concept by Dr. Andi Dragus

FTR is a prosthetic concept both functional and esthetic that aims to integrate in the stomatognathic system the artificial volumes represented by veneers, crowns and bridges on the natural teeth or on the implants. The concept is designed to preserve the balance of the mandibular dynamics and to reproduce the 6 functions of speaking, breathing, swallowing, chewing, stress management and esthetics.

The FTR concept is based on the condilographyand the transfer of all the resulted data from the dental clinic to the dental laboratory.

Why the condilography?

After mounting the models in the articulator with the support of the facial bow, and after programming the articulator, the dental technician will be guided by the mandibular dynamics reproduced on the articulator, which results in correctly establishing the exact position of the artificial volumes represented by veneers, crowns or bridges.

FTR is comprised of the treatment plan from the dental clinic and the tratment plan from the dental laboratory.

There are 2 treatment plans because the strategy, vision and predictibility of the prosthetics treatment plan from the dental clinic is continued indirectly in the dental laboratory where the prosthetic work is realized. If the dental laboratory does not receive all the data to correctly program the articulator and to correctly execute the transfer of the jaws position with the facial bow or with the condilograph, then the resulted prosthetic work will be going through a random realization, without guaranteeing the functionality required in the mouth of the patient.

* Urmareste conferinta ”Fațete dentare condilografiate” sustinuta de Dr. Andi Dragus in cadrul Conect Dentistry